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Park Rules


  • Due to dust speed limit is 5 MPH for ALL MOTORIZED VEHICLES and will be strictly enforced.

  • OFFICE HOURS: 9-4 Monday-Friday.  Saturday and Sunday office closed except for emergencies & new arrivals.

  • Wood fires are not permitted at camp sites.  Saturday there is a communal campfire for all residents’ weather permitting.

  • Use of generators, clotheslines or tents are not permitted in RV sites.

  • Vehicles must be in good running order.  No (excessive fluid leaks, etc) will be tolerated. 

    • Maintenance on vehicles is prohibited unless approved by management.

  • No washing of vehicles, RVs or ATVs allowed in park.  A permit from the Arizona Department of environmental equality is required and Morenga Palms does not possess said permit.

  • Pets will be leashed at all times while outside in accordance with Arizona’s dog leash law (A.R.S. § 11-1012).  There is a dog park on the west side to allow your fur-babies to play off leash.  Do not leave pets tied up outside unattended.  Pets are not allowed in any buildings, picnic areas or park patios.

    • Please clean up after your pet.  The walking path in the back of the park is Morenga Palms property, we still expect all dog waste to be disposed of properly in this area.

    • Sorry, no personal fences at camp sites.

  • Trash cans are available at all sites for your convenience.  We will only dispose of normal everyday household trash in the trash cans.  All boxes need to be broken down.  Volunteers are encouraged to assist every Friday morning at 7am.

    • Guests can dispose of all other trash at the Wenden transfer station

    • Located: 1 mi S of 60 on Transfer Site Rd, 05N, 12N, 04, Wenden, AZ 85357

    • Phone: (928) 669-8886

    • Hours of operation are Thursday – Saturday from 7:30 AM – 2:30 PM.

  • Storage:  Storage space is limited so only 1 trailer or item may be stored in the designated storage space.  Storage lot is located in the southwest part of the property.  Trailers are not permitted at the campsite during the season except loading and unloading for a reasonable period of time.

  • Please do not drive through or park in unoccupied spaces.

  • Personal Storage Containers:  Should be no larger than approximately W 5’x D 3.5’x H 4.5’

  • Any items left behind after check out (stairs, etc.) will be disposed of at the discretion of Morenga Palms.  Exceptions to this rule or those who pay for off season storage.

  • Mail:  We provide mail delivery service approximately 3 time per week.  If mail is needed on a more regular basis or you have sensitive items please see the following:

    •  PO Boxes are available for under $10.00/year – with forwarding options.

    • Those staying less than 30 days with Morenga Palms are required to use General Delivery.

    • Morenga Palms will not store or forward mail during the off season.

    • Morenga Palms is not liable for any mail that is lost or damaged.

    • Morenga Palms PO Box is not to be used as anyone’s personal mailbox or permanent residence.

  • Laundry: Washers are $1 and all Dryers are 25 cents per 10 minutes.  Only one dryer requires 75 cents for 30 minutes to run.

We know that there are several places for you to choose from and appreciate that you chose Morenga Palms.  Please enjoy your stay and we look forward to a great season.

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